Central Air Conditioning Repair

Central Air Conditioning Repair

For Central Air Conditioning Repair in Boise, ID, Call Shanco Heating and Air!

When it’s unbearably hot in the summer, there is nothing more important than having central air conditioning that works. It is an excellent escape from the heat and ensures your home is cool and comfortable, no matter what time of day it is. Unfortunately, system breakdowns do happen, from either lack of maintenance or other A/C issues. When this happens, you’ll want a central air conditioning service company that has the tools, knowledge, and training to get your air conditioner back in shape. At Shanco Heating and Air, we are able to provide that and so much more. Our professional technicians are not only fully trained, but they are also certified and skilled in providing central air conditioning repair to any make and model you own. Protect your investment and even save money on repairs with beneficial coupons, by calling us today at 208-629-3335 for top quality central air conditioning repair in Boise, ID.

Common Central Air Conditioning Issues

There are many reasons that your central A/C could need repairs, but the most common issues that occur are the following

  • Refrigerant Issues: Either low refrigerant or a refrigerant leak, problems with your central A/C’s refrigerant seem to be a pretty common culprit.
  • Evaporator Coils: The coils could be corroded, which can cause your A/C to not work as well.
  • Insufficient Cooling: If your home is not cooling, this could have a lot to do with the compressor being broken.
  • Drain Line: The drain line can become clogged, which can result in leaks.

Additional issues that take place have to do with wiring or broken sensor. Whatever the reason for your central air conditioning breakdown, our technicians are here to provide the best central air conditioning repair in Boise, ID.

Our A/C Contractors Are Here for You!

Our A/C Contractors Are Here for You

Shanco Heating and Air’s Contractors Are Here When You Need Central Air Conditioning Repair.

A great way to ensure your central A/C doesn’t need repairs is with air conditioner maintenance. We are able to provide that through our VIP Comfort Club service. However, we are always here to provide central air conditioner repairs to our customer in need. If you are having any issues with your central air, don’t hesitate to call! Our services are affordable, efficient, and timely, guaranteeing we have your system up and running perfectly in record time. Call Shanco Heating and Air today at 208-629-3335 to get central air conditioning repair in Boise, ID.