Air Conditioning Issues

While our air conditioners are amazing they are not without problems. Because we tend to run them all day, every day when it’s hot out, they can run into a few issues. A lot of these issues have a lot to do with lack of maintenance, but can happen due to the age of the unit, as well. Some of the biggest issues that you will see with an air conditioner are that the AC is one but it isn’t blowing cool air, there are fluctuations in the temperature, there are strange noises coming from the air conditioner, or the AC stops working altogether. When you are experiencing air conditioner issues, you need to call a reliable and licensed roofer to take care of the issue.

Why is My Air Conditioner Not Blowing Cold Air?

Air Conditioner Issues

Air Conditioner Issues Can Include Not Producing Enough Cold Air Or Not Turning On At All.

One of the common air conditioner issues that homeowners deal with is the air conditioner not blowing cold air. We expect our air conditioners to run no matter what, but even reputable HVAC brands will require repairs and services, like York repair. So why exactly is your air conditioner not producing cool air? There are a couple of reasons for this. The biggest reason, however, is a dirty air filter. When the air filter becomes too clogged with debris, it can cause the AC to work harder than it should, which can freeze the evaporator coils. Other common reasons why the air conditioning unit isn’t blowing cool air are

  • A damaged fan motor
  • A defective thermostat
  • Lack of refrigerant
  • Broken capacitor.
  • A dirty evaporator coil
  • A leak in the air duct

When these components in the AC don’t work, it can cause the unit not to provide your home with cool air.

What Causes Your Air Conditioner To Stop Working

A huge inconvenience to all of us with air conditioners is when the AC stops working altogether. This would be one of the biggest air conditioner issues that we have to face. There are so many different aspects that contribute to an air conditioner not working. Some of the most common issues that we see when an air conditioner will not turn on is because a thermostat is broken, the circuit breaker was tripped, you’ve blown a fuse, run or start capacitor is damaged, the condenser or evaporator coil is dirty, or the air filter is too dirty.

However, sometimes an air conditioner can be too far gone and will require a complete air conditioner replacement. If your AC has been looked at and repairs are too costly and you need air conditioner replacement in Boise, ID, call Shanco Heating & Air at (208) 629-3335!