American Standard System Services

At Shanco Heating and Air, we carry a number of American Standard HVAC systems. Whether it be an air conditioner, furnace, or heat pump, we are the people to call for installation, repair, replacement, and maintenance service for all of your American Standard systems needs.

Air Conditioner Systems

American Standard A/C

American Standard has many air conditioner units that our technicians are able to provide air conditioner installation and replacement service, air conditioning repair, and air conditioning maintenance on any air conditioner. Whatever type of A/C model you have, we can provide reliable and quick air conditioning service. If you have an older model of American Standard, not to worry! Our professional technicians are able to service any model of this HVAC manufacturer.

Heating Systems

American Standard Furnace

From electric furnace to gas furnaces, Shanco Heating and Air is able to install, repair, and replace any model of furnace that you have. So whether you need electric furnace repair or replacement or a gas furnace repair or replacement, our technicians are able to assist you with our expert heating services.


Heat Pumps

American Standard Heat PumpIf you own a heat pump, you know how beneficial it is, or maybe you are looking to upgrade to a heat pump. Either way, Shanco Heating and Air carries and provides heat pump repair and replacement services. Whatever heat pump model you have, our technicians have the tools and parts to get it back in working order.

Indoor Air Quality

American Standard HumidifierDo you have indoor air quality systems through American Standard? Our technicians are able to offer services for installation, repair, and replacement for either your whole house air purification system, whole house air filtration system, or whole house humidifier.

American Standard HVAC Parts

If there is a particular part of your heating or cooling system, such as hot surface ignitor or capacitor that needs to be replaced, we have you covered! We are able to install or repairĀ parts for American Standard heaters and air conditioners, so we can get your system back in great shape.

With any American Standard system, you will get better energy efficiency and a long-lasting comfortability. If you need an air conditioning and heating company who can offer installation, repairs, replacements, and maintenance for your air conditioner, heat pump, electric or gas furnace, just call us today at 208-629-3335 for American Standard systems services in Boise. ID.