HVAC Zoning in Boise, ID

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HVAC Zoning Gives You Complete Control Over Temperatures for Optimal Comfort.

While few people doubt the luxury and appeal of a large home, these structures do come with some drawbacks. A particularly irksome HVAC issue can negatively influence your home’s comfort on the hottest and coldest of days. Many HVACs will struggle to maintain even temperatures across a two-story home. For a quality solution, count on the benefits of HVAC zoning from the experts at Shanco Heating & Air.

If your upstairs is too hot, while your downstairs feels downright frigid, call us today at (208) 629-3335 for a quality HVAC zoning solution. Zoning will regulate temperature disparities, and provide your home with comprehensive comfort. At Shanco Heating & Air, we’re your local experts for HVAC zoning in Boise, ID. If you have any questions or service needs, reach out to our team today.

The Benefits of HVAC Zoning

A zoning system works through the installation of dampers in the ductwork. These dampers direct warm or cool air as needed, and allow you to have multiple temperature “zones” controlled through a programmable thermostat. As a home heating and cooling solution, HVAC zoning improves air quality, lowers bills, and makes your home a more comfortable place.

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A Programmable Thermostat Allows Complete Control Over Your HVAC Zones.

Save Money: A typical central HVAC unit will attempt to evenly heat and cool every room within a home. If you have a larger, two-story home, this can become difficult for an HVAC to accomplish. This leads the system to work harder, which results in a higher energy bill each month. You should also take into account the wear this puts on your system, as repair and replacement needs will crop up more often.

Improved Air Quality: Zoning prevents air from traveling freely through your ducts. Instead, it stays within the localized zones, and prevents the spread of unsavory elements around your home. If you suffer from allergies or respiratory ailments, HVAC zones can create safe havens throughout your house.

More Comfort: Most families understand how different temperature preferences can lead to arguments and general unpleasantness. With HVAC zoning, you can allow everyone to control the temperature throughout their preferred part of the house. This creates a home environment comfortable for everyone, and not just the person who last adjusted the thermostat.

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At Shanco Heating & Air, we’re your local experts for HVAC zoning in Boise, ID. Although not every home can accommodate this technology, we will gladly provide a free consultation to discover zoning’s applicability in your home. We offer both two and three zone solutions, along with the installation of wireless thermostats to control it all. If you’re tired of freezing in one room, and broiling in the next, call us today at (208) 629-3335 for an elegant, convenient solution.