Keeping Your House Cool This Summer

The summer can get pretty brutal and it is important to make sure you are keeping your home cool. That being said, you want to keep your home at a cool temperature but, you also don’t want to do it at the high cost of your electricity bill. There are ways to keep yourself cool while avoiding a break in your bank. When that summer heat hits, you may want to stay inside to keep yourself cool and sometimes that is fine, but we also recommend getting outside, running through the sprinklers, or lounging by a pool to keep cool as well. Here are a few easy ways to keep your house cool this summer.

Fans – Fans will be your best friend in the summer. They are an easy way to get cool if you are staying in one spot. If you are watching tv and don’t want to run your air for a bit, consider putting a fan on you and enjoy that cool breeze.

Close The Curtains – If the sun is glaring outside, consider closing your curtains and enjoy the dark for a little bit. By blocking out some of that hot sun in the middle of the day, it can lower the temperature in your home so you are able to enjoy a cooler temp.

You can never go wrong eating a cold popsicle or drinking a glass of ice water as well, but if you do need help with your A/C this summer, give Shanco Heating & Air a call at (208) 629-3335 to get you back into a cold home.