ECM Motor Replacement

ECM Motors Replacement

Need an ECM Motor Replacement? Call Shanco Heating and Air!

The ECM motor in regards to your HVAC system is a motor that uses electronic operations to alter the speed of the motor. The ECM motor, also known as an electronically commutated motor, works to give your HVAC system more energy efficiency. It’s a great component of any HVAC system, but like many HVAC systems, it will require a replacement down the road. Because it uses different speeds to achieve less humidity or better airflow, it can become worn out. At Shanco Heating and Air, we offer customers in Boise, ID ECM motor replacement service. If you are unsure if the ECM motor needs a replacement service, call us at 208-629-3335 and our professional technicians can inspect your HVAC system to determine what is wrong. We are fully-insured and licensed, who have had the proper training to identify and diagnose, what sort of issues your HVAC system is having, including determining if you need an ECM motor replacement. Let our HVAC technicians help you today by calling us to schedule an appointment time.

When Does Your Air Conditioner ECM Motors Need Replacement?

It can be hard to tell when the motor will need to be replaced. Individuals who have had the proper training and have gotten their licenses will be able to determine if the ECM motor is needing to be replaced. Sometimes, of course, all it takes is a simple repair to get the motor back in good shape. However, the following issues might involve customers getting replacements.

  • When there is too much static pressure in the motor, it can cause it to not work as efficiently.
  • Another reason you might need a complete replacement is due to voltage problems.

No matter what type of malfunction the ECM motor has, our qualified technicians are able to replace the motor and get your HVAC system working like it once did. If you call Shanco Heating and Air today at 208-629-3335 , we can make an appointment for Boise, ID ECM motor replacement service. If you think that you might need other parts replaced in your HVAC system.