Gas Valve Replacement Service

Gas Valve Replacement

When You Need a Gas Valve Replacement in Boise, ID, Call Shanco Heating and Air.

The gas valve in our furnaces is one of the most important components. The gas valve is comprised of four functions, the manual valve, regulator, solenoid valve, and the pilot safety. With all of these working together, the gas valve is able to turn on the gas, turn it off, and regulate it. Because it serves as an important part of your furnace, it’s essential that it’s in good shape. But like most HVAC components, it will need to be replaced down the road.

If you think you need a gas valve replacement in Boise, ID, call Shanco Heating and Air at 208-629-3335 . We are a locally owned heating and cooling company that provides HVAC parts replacement including gas valve replacements. Although annual and adequate maintenance can determine if your gas valve needs repairs, sometimes it’s too late for that. Our technicians are certified and fully-insured, so you are in good, capable hands when you need a gas valve replacement for your furnace. Get in touch with us today and we can find an appointment time that is convenient for you.

Why You Need To Replace the Gas Valve

So why is it so important to replace the gas valve? Because the gas valve is used to control the pressure in the furnace, it’s critical that it’s in a usable state. Without the gas valve, the furnace won’t be able to get the heat it needs to warm up your home. Another thing to consider is that the valve cuts the gas supply when it reaches a certain temperature. When the gas valve isn’t working, there is the risk of an explosion or fire, due to the valve not being able to sense when the furnace is at the right temperature. If you think that your gas valve isn’t working like it should, it’s important to call Shanco Heating and Air immediately. We are able to determine if your gas valve really needs to be replaced and if so, do it as soon as possible. By calling us at 208-629-3335 you can get a gas valve replacement in Boise, ID in order to get efficient heat and to keep you and your home safe.