Furnace Circuit Board Replacement

Furnace Circuit Board Replacement

Get a Furnace Circuit Board Replacement Today!

The circuit board within the furnace is the central operating system. It is able to start and end when a furnace heats, assesses the temperature and monitors the entire furnace for any issues. All in all, it’s an important component that is vital to the function of the furnace. Without it, the furnace would not be able to provide heat to entire homes. If for some reason your furnace shuts off completely, something may be wrong with the furnace. It could be fixed with a simple repair, but sometimes it requires a whole replacement. If you live in Boise, ID and you think you need a furnace circuit board replacement, you can rely on the technicians at Shanco Heating and Air. Our technicians have the skills and training to perform HVAC replacement parts service, including replacing a circuit board. We want your furnace to work as efficiently as possible, so if you have any concerns pertaining to your circuit board, call us today at 208-629-3335 and we can schedule an appointment for furnace circuit board replacement in Boise, ID.

Reasons for a Furnace Circuit Board Replacement

When people are unfamiliar with furnace circuit boards, it can be hard to determine when a replacement is needed. Fortunately, our technicians have years of experience and can diagnose the problem quickly. So when exactly does one need a furnace circuit board replacement? There are a few reasons that are the most common when someone needs to replace the circuit board.

  • Components Have Failed: This can apply to many components within the furnace, which include the capacitors and resistors. The age of the components and even voltage problems can be the cause for a complete circuit board replacement.
  • Damage: This can apply to both physical and damage that has to do with the wiring of the furnace.

Whether the components have failed or they are damaged, our technicians are here to replace your circuit board with a new and fully-functioning circuit board. Contact us today at 208-629-3335 for furnace circuit board replacement in Boise, ID; we will get your furnace up and running with a full circuit board replacement that has your system working better than before.