HVAC Inducer Motor Replacement

HVAC Inducer Motor Replacement

Let Us Examine Your Inducer Motor To Determine If You Need An Inducer Motor Replacement.

In order for furnaces to be extra efficient, newer makes and models of furnaces have introduced an inducer motor. An inducer motor is a fan in the furnace that moves air through the furnace’s heat exchanger. When it’s pulled through the heat exchanger, it is sent outside and into a vent pipe. Basically, the inducer motor is used to remove air and gas from the furnace. If the inducer motor is not working properly, the furnace is not able to perform like it should. Let the technicians at Shanco Heating and Air inspect your inducer motor to see if you need an inducer motor replacement in Boise, ID. All of our technicians are licensed and fully-insured, having the experience and training to replace the inducer motor so your furnace functions correctly. We know that any type of HVAC replacement parts service can be overwhelming, but we are here to make the process better by offering quick and efficient service at a price that is within your budget. You can count on our HVAC company to provide you with service that will get your furnace back in great shape. Call us today at 208-629-3335 and we can begin working on your inducer motor replacement as soon as possible.

Reasons Your Motor Inducer Isn’t Working

There are a few reasons why the inducer motor could stop working in your furnace. The following reasons could be why the inducer motor is not working like it should.

  • The inducer motor has stopped spinning completely.
  • The inducer motor is out of alignment, causing it not to work.
  • The inducer motor makes strange noises when the furnace is on.
  • The inducer motor is really hot and will not spin.

If you check the motor inducer and see or feel any of these issues, call Shanco Heating and Air today. We are available to help our customers who need to replace the inducer motor in their furnace. When it comes to the comfort of our customers, we are dedicated to providing the best service imaginable. We are confident that with our inducer motor replacement service, we will be able to exceed our customer’s expectations and provide them with 100% customer satisfaction. Call us today at 208-629-3335 if you need to schedule an appointment for an inducer motor replacement in Boise, ID.