HVAC Relay Replacement

HVAC Relay Replacement

If You Live in Boise, ID and Need An HVAC Relay Replacement, Call Shanco Heating and Air!

An HVAC relay or relay switch is a simple component that you can find in all HVAC systems. The relay or contactor is a switch that is used to turn on different parts of the HVAC system from motors to compressors. They are particularly important to the function of an HVAC system because they regulate when something in a system is turned on. Without the relay switch, different components of the system won’t be able to work. When this happens, that’s when Shanco Heating and Air in Boise, ID is here to help. We are able to provide our customers with replacements for their HVAC relay. Our technicians are fully-insured and licensed, with the ability to offer HVAC replacement part services that include replacing a relay switch. We are a locally owned HVAC company who prides themselves on delivering honest and reliable service. We will never try to sell our customers something they don’t need and will always be transparent about service prices. In order to determine if you need to replace a relay switch, we will examine your HVAC system’s relay switch and provide services from there. If you live in Boise, ID and need an HVAC relay replacement, call us today at 208-629-3335 .

When Should the HVAC Relay Be Replaced?

When it comes to knowing when your HVAC relay needs to be replaced, you can depend on the HVAC technicians at Shanco Heating and Air. There are usually two ways that the relay switch will need to be replaced.

  • If the relay switches stick and cannot be opened, then that is a cause for the relay switch to be replaced by a professional HVAC technician.
  • The other reason you will need to replace the HVAC relay is when there are problems with the coils in the HVAC system.

With the proper inspection, our technicians can determine if a replacement is necessary. Let us take a look at your HVAC relay by calling us today at 208-629-3335 . By having our technicians look at your HVAC relay in Boise, ID we can see what course of action is best for the relay switch. To ensure your HVAC system’s components are working like they should get in touch with our professionals for the best HVAC replacement parts service.