A/C Fan Replacement

A/C Fan Replacement

For A/C Fan Replacement and Repair, Call Shanco Heating and Air.

The air conditioner fan in your A/C is important in how it operates. The way that it works is the fan moves air through coils to produce cooler air for every part of your home. Since it’s an important component, keeping it in good shape is necessary. However, replacements do become essential when you have to repair your air conditioner fan frequently. When this happens, the technicians at Shanco Heating and Air are here for you. We service HVAC brands like Lennox and Carrier, so we can replace your fan and get your air conditioner working good as new. Customers might be disappointed that they need A/C fan replacement, but it can actually save them money and give them better energy efficiency. Instead of throwing money away for repairs that don’t stick, investing in a replacement for your air conditioner fan will guarantee you have a fan that is working the way it should. If you need an A/C fan replacement in Boise, ID, please call us today at 208-629-3335 to schedule an appointment for HVAC replacement parts service.

Other Service We Offer for A/C Fans

While replacements will be needed occasionally, the more common air conditioner service an A/C needs repairs. There are a couple of reasons you might need air conditioner fan repair, which includes

  • There are strange noises are coming from your air conditioner.
  • The airflow isn’t as great as it once was.
  • The relay contractor is broken.
  • The fan has burnt out.
  • There are problems with the power that cause the fan to not work.
  • The air filter is clogged.

Whatever issue you are having with your air conditioner fan, the technicians at Shanco Heating and Air are here to help! By scheduling an appointment for air conditioner fan repair or A/C fan replacement in 208-629-3335 , we can make sure your A/C fan is working better and more efficiently. To get the best airflow for your air conditioner, contact us and we will send out an HVAC technician to inspect and diagnose your air conditioner fan problems. We will go above and beyond to our customers so their air conditioners are working the way that they should.