Signs You Need a New HVAC


An Older System Will Demand More Energy Than a New HVAC..

A home’s HVAC likely represents one of its most important appliances. In fact, during the heat of summer and cold of winter, it performs almost continual work. To ensure your continued comfort throughout the year, you’ll want to pay attention to your HVAC’s maintenance needs. If you need a new HVAC, you may notice the following signs.

Old Age

Most HVACs will provide valuable service for around 10 years. Once they pass this point, repair needs and performance concerns make them excellent candidates for replacement. Even if your current HVAC seems to work fine, a decade’s worth of improvements in energy efficiency make new systems a worthwhile investment.

Long Cycle Times

If your HVAC never seems to shut off, then it likely has begun to struggle with its workload. If wear or damage to an HVAC forces it to work harder, then its days of service are numbered. When you set your thermostat for a certain temperature, your HVAC operates continually to create this climate. Older HVACs will lose energy efficiency as they age, which means they take more energy than before to complete the same work.

Higher Bills

In reference to the point above, HVACs lose energy efficiency as they age. A demand for more power will not only wear your HVAC down, but also cause your energy bills to rise. If you’ve noticed a steady rise in your bills that has no other apparent cause, you can likely blame your aged HVAC.

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