Spring Air Conditioner Maintenance

Spring Air Conditioner Maintenance

Cleaning Around the Outside Unit is an Important Part of Spring Air Conditioner Maintenance.

As the seasons begin to change once again, it is a great time to perform some spring air conditioner maintenance. Getting your air conditioner maintenanced now will ensure that it is in proper working order once the warm weather hits and you actually need it. For all your air conditioning maintenance and repairs, Shanco Heating & Air is here to help.

Steps for Spring Air Conditioner Maintenance

Some parts of spring air conditioner maintenance you can perform yourself, but other parts need to be completed by an air conditioning repair company. Here are three simple steps to get your A/C ready for spring and summer.

Clean Around the Outside Unit
The outside unit of your air conditioning system requires adequate air flow to work properly. Trimming any bushes or shrubs that may have grown up around it in the last year and giving the unit a good powerwash will ensure that it is getting all the clean air it needs.

Get a Professional Inspection
There are many different moving parts in your home’s air conditioning system. These parts, such as the pump and refrigerant lines, can wear out over time. Getting the system inspected by a professional air conditioner repairman can help you catch problems that could prevent the system from working properly.

Change the Air Filters
The air inside your air conditioning system travels through a filter. If this filter gets clogged, it could prevent the system from working at all. Changing the filter allows the air to flow freely within the system and can improve the air quality of your home.

If you are ready to perform you spring air conditioner maintenance in Boise, ID, and need to hire a reliable air conditioning repair company, call our office at (208) 629-3335.