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How Do I Purify the Air in My Home?

Picture Showing That Whole House Air Purification Systems Need Filter Changes

Improve Your Air Quality

For those who suffer with chronic allergies, home air purity makes all the difference in the world. The problem is that our homes don’t replenish air as quickly as the outdoor environment. That means unpleasant allergens like dust, animal dander, and bug feces get stuck continuously circulating through our air conditioning. To fix this trying problem, many look to whole house air purification systems.

Today, we’ll talk about these and other air purification solutions. By the end of our discussion, you’ll be able to form your own plan for cleaner air quality! We’ll also offer some other helpful tips for a fresher home environment.

Are Air Purifiers Any Good?

Let’s skip right to the most important questions. Are air purifiers actually effective? Yes. Thousands of homeowners utilize air purifiers inside their home for a fresher supply of air. Options vary from individual room solutions to whole house air purification systems. What sort of benefits can you expect when you find a quality air purifier?

Key Air Purifier Benefits

  • Smaller likelihood of triggered asthma attacks
  • Fight airborne carcinogens, such as radon or asbestos particles
  • Eliminate contaminants generated in industrial communities
  • Combat dust, pet dander, and other common household allergens
  • Produce a fresher air supply, boosting physical and mental wellbeing

Some high-tier systems offer even more health-related benefits, such as lower likelihood of lung-related illnesses and complications. If you or a loved one struggles with such an illness, consult with a doctor about choosing a proven whole house air filtration system.

Air Purifier vs Ionizer

Throughout our years of installing whole house air purification systems, our experts often get asked about ionizers. How do they compare with purifiers? What’s best for people with allergies? How do they vary price-wise?

Ionizers also provide practical options for home air purification, particularly for larger properties. They operate by charging ionizing airborne contaminants, then attracting them to a collection plate or causing the particles to fall to the ground. Ionizers sometimes have problems with particles getting loose. Air purifiers and filtration systems do a better job of permanently neutralizing contaminants, though their price range typically runs higher.

What is the Best Home Air Purifier?

Have you ever asked roofing professionals what they think the best roofing system is? Some may suggest metal panels; others will applaud synthetic shingles. You’ll get different answers depending on who you ask.

This is true for whole house air purification systems too. As with many health-related markets, advertising and promotions can confuse the buying process and make it harder to find the relief you want. That’s why it pays to review multiple sources before making a decision.

Dust Removal

What is the Best Air Purifier to Remove Dust?

Dust causes its own fair share of problems, both for your health and for the cleanliness of your home. One of the most highly recommended wide-area air purifier systems is the Alen BreatheSmart 75i Air Purifier. It’s celebrated by both by Air Purifiers America and AirPurifiers.com as a top tier air purifier to reduce dust. The system also comes with negligible running noise but a generous warranty. It’s a long-term solution for covering very large portions of your home (up to 1300 sq. ft.).

Beating Allergies

What is the Best Air Purifier for Allergies?

If you’re searching for whole house air purification systems that thoroughly relieve allergies and lung-related illnesses, be careful as you shop. For the best results, look for products described as true HEPA or high-efficiency particulate air filters. These trap almost 100% of contaminant particles and provide some beautifully fresh air in the process!

Multiple review services (including Wise Pick and Home Air Guides) recommend the AIRMEGA 400. This quiet and long-lived purification system offers outstanding coverage for your home. You may also consider a Honeywell F100F22010, which fastens into your home’s HVAC system to trap particles as small as 0.03 microns.

Room-Size Solutions

How Can I Improve the Air Quality in My Room?

Want to stick with a single room for now? That’s great! There are plenty of ways to enhance a bedroom or living room without digging too deep into your savings. Try starting with a room sized air purifier or humidifier. One targets dust particles throughout the room, while the other soothes lungs and sore throats. For a small to mid-sized room, consider a GermGuardian AC5000E or a Hamilton Beach TrueAir. Both products comes highly recommended by Home Air Guides, particularly for smaller rooms.

Want an even simpler, low-dollar solution? Visit your neighborhood Lowes or Home Depot and find some cute new plants! You’ll love the beautiful pop of color, and plants naturally clean the air.

One of Many Smaller Whole House Air Purification Systems

Need Help With Finding a Solution?

Sometimes, finding the ideal solution for your particular home can be really hard. Our team at Shanco Heating & Air would love to answer any questions you may have and help you with installation. To learn more about whole house air purification systems in Boise, ID, call us at (208) 629-3335!