When Is It Time For Gas Repair?

Natural Gas

Gas Line Repair Should Be Handled By A Professional To Keep You Safe.

Natural gas is a great fuel source for heating systems, stoves, and more within a home. Many property owners swear by it. However, it can also be very dangerous for those occupying the residence if the gas line becomes damaged or an appliance is not working properly. If there is an issue with your gas line, it is important to keep those in the home safe and get repair quickly. Being conscious of the potential issues it can cause and signs of problems with your gas line can let you know its time for service.

Signs of a Gas Leak

  • You Smell the Distinct Sulfur or Rotten Egg Smell: Natural gas companies place this smell in gas as an additive to ensure that you can smell it and get to safety. Try to ventilate your property to disperse the smell and get to safety.
  • Your Plants Are Not Fairing Well: When leaking, natural gas can travel below the soil and damage your plant. This can become apparent once the plant is dead.
  • Your Gas Powered Appliances Are Not Working Correctly: If your stove is not staying lit or the fire is an odd color, a gas leak may be present in the house. Make sure you turn the stove off if you notice these issues.
  • You Are Not Feeling Well: Gas leaks can affect not only your appliances and plants but your own health as well! If you have been nauseous, experiencing headaches, dizziness, and other health symptoms, you may have a gas leak.

Remember that the first thing you must do in this situation is to get you and your loved ones to safety. Do you have a gas leak in your home in Boise, ID? Contact Shanco Heating & Air for quality repair service to restore your gas line and keep your family safe. Call (208) 629-3335 today!